New Ventures and Challenging Ministries

"The Home of Providence"

"The Home of Providence"is inaugurated in our province to answer the call of God to lead a simple Francisan life in this modern era. The long cherished dream of a few of our sisters put into practice by the inauguration of a small house at Pathiyaram on 18th April 2006. Our sisters started their living, fully depending upon Providence, completely avoiding money and other comfortable provisions. The broad minded and God fearing parishioners competed themselves to provide their share to meet our sisters daily needs. The first flowers in the tree of providence home are Sr. Treesa Avila, Sr. Rosebella, Sr. Rosset, Sr. Dhanya Chungath and Sr. Little Treesa. This humble house is blessed by Rev. Fr. Ignatious Nandikkara and this blissful moments are witnessed by our provincial Rev. Sr. Filby, councillors and parishoners etc. The whole hearted support of Rev. Fr. David Peramangalam, Capuchin minister provincial and the spiritual direction of Rev. Fr. Jose Edattukaran, are really a blessing to our province in this new apostolic field.

Water supply Project

From time immemorial provision of drinking water has always been considered as the holiest work. To ensure water availability at Thrikkor panchayat, FCC launched a water supply project. With the involvement of local people and panchayat in planning, implementation, and management, this project has been successful in providing water in this rural habitation and FCC spent 10 lakhs for this. By using the fund of C.C.D.P. Project, and the equipment such as the motor, pumps sets, pump house, we are able to give water for 60 houses. Sr. Litty Rose the convener of the project took the great challenge with the help of Sr. Jaisy Clare. It helped us to keep a friendly relation with the surrounding Panchayath.

Awareness Programme

Our social centers took much care to conduct seminars, and classes to educate the public about the different issues of the age. Health orientation classes, Empowerment programme, Diabetic awareness Programme, AIDS awareness Programme, Abortion, Sex Education, Natural Family Planning are the main topics for these seminars. Sisters give awareness to children and youth through vacation camps. At Adupputty convent there is a library facility for everyone. Our sisters are actively participating with KASP, SEED & JESS associations at Adupputty & Chavakkad Beach and help the youth to attain leadership quality. Counseling facility is also providing at Adupputty clinic by Dr. Sr. Sachitha. Through all these activities, the sisters give guidance to all the people without considering their caste or religion.

Vocational Training Activities

A six months vocational training programme was conducted at Adupputty with the help of Holy Trinity Sisters and Trissur Arch Diocese Slum Service Centre. Through this programme 300 women got trained in fashion designing, Beautician Course, Tailoring, Hand Embroidary and Jewel making. It was a great help to the poor women to improve their income. Alagappa Poly Technique College at Amballur is conducting, a short term course of CDTP Project, at Alphonsa Social Centre, Thrikkur. Government stopped the KGT course and the Industrial school at Cherpu changed KGT course as fashion designing. This course is highly expensive and the number of students became less and so it is closed for a short period. Diffferent training centers have started in our Province at Guruvayoor, Mangad, Brahmakulam, Adupputty, Cherpu, Engandiyoor, Thrikkur. It promotes job facilities and it is a main relief to the poor families. For running these institution our Province has a specific aim. That is to create different job facilities to the under developed women and assist them to secure their future by earning income to their families.

To improve families by offering job facilities to poor women, a liturgical centre was started to make religious vestments in 1946 and 10 women are working in the institution at present. They are taking orders from inside and outside Kerala and earn money by making religious garments under the guidelines of Sr. Remy.

Anna Garments -Thrikkur

Anna Garments is the main branch in the tree of Alphonsa Social Centre Thrikkur. Anna is taken from the name of Mother Anna Clara and Anna Louisa who were the founders of Assisi Province Thrissur and the institution is started its function on St. Anna's feast day. This special project is designed to offer job facilities to 100 women as a memento of centenary celebration of Thrissur Province. Now a good number of women are working in this field. They are so satisfied in their salaries and other provisions. To improve business of Anna garments, our province presented 45 tailoring machines and a generator by giving 50 lakhs. Now it is greatly developed and it is a guiding star as well as a source of financial support to many families. They have the awareness that this particular institution is designed especially for them.

Income generating activities

The sisters assist the backward families to improve their income by giving financial support and required suggestions. By promoting plantain cultivation, the sisters make friendship with the nature. Different convents take leadership for these types of activities

Different social activities in the field of education

To strengthen the improverished state of education of the downtrodden children, awareness classes and free tuition programme is conducting at Adupputty Social centre from 4.30 to 6.30 pm. It is doing accurately and effectively for the benefit of 100 children in a year with the support of good teachers. Though it had started at Thrikkur, it came to an end at particular reason after a year. The same ministry is doing at Peringottukara for the children of drivers and at Chavakkad beach for the children of the sea. Through these apostolic activities, the sisters put the seeds of moral values and decent behavior in the tender hearts.

Nursing -ITC Study

It is a beneficial project for the students from the low income family to complete their general nursing and ITC study by providing them Rs.20000/-and Rs.15000/- for three consecutive years. After their study, they have to refund this money. This money is giving in a contact base between Parents, Sister Superior in the convent, and the Social promoter. In these three years, 18 general nursing students, and 2 ITC students received the benefit from our Province.

Study-aid for third and fourth child in the family

By the decision of General and Provincial Plenary Synaxis, a study aid project began to function to promote the number of children in the family. In the first year the project concentrated in the school level and in second year it centered its help at the parish level. About 400 students accepted the benefits of this project. This would be fruitful to parents to understand that the children are the gift of God.

Empowerment activities

A person is to be helped by anyone by looking the talents in him, which God specially kept for him. Through the empowerment activities, the benefactors and supporters came into contact with each other to remove the hindrance from him."Human life can rebuild through collective activities" was the principal thoughts among the Hindu spiritual leaders.

"Ayalkoottangal"(Self-Help Groups)

To ensure that women should no longer remain as passive recipient of public assistance, but active leader in women involved development initiatives, FCC designed this mission in various centers. The properly planned activities enabled the people at Adupputty to be advanced in every field in this present age."Ayalkootangal""has a prime role in the life of people at Adupputty. Thrikkur and Chuvannamannu area. In collaborating with Diocesan activities, Assisi Province planned and put into practice diversified activities at there. The women would gather once in a week and would collect their small amount and it would be distributed among them as loan with a little interest. Our sisters are trying their best to get the govt. aid, loan and subsidies. It helped many people to make a house of their own through this mission. Our Province gave Rs/-350000-as house loan project and it is using as revolving fund for the homeless people. More than 48 houses constructed and repaired through this programme. Likewise 7 Ayalkoottam at Thrikkur, received Rs/-1 Lakh as revolving fund and it is helped to repair 7 houses Alcohol prevention interventions

The sisters directly involve to liberate the persons who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Through various activities like awareness classes, intercessory prayers, personal interferences and family focused interventions, our sisters devote themselves to release the alcohol and drug addicted persons. The sisters compel the addicted persons to participate in the camp against the drinking habit. The sisters would also take part in the activities of alcoholic anonymous group. Sometimes, the sisters would send the addicted persons to 'Nest' to liberate them.

Drivers Ministry

The ministry among the drivers is a new venture in the social service field. The drivers forum paved the way for fulfilling the word of God. Sr. Alphonse Jaya paved a new path through this forum for the drivers in the area at Peringottukara and Thriprayar. mainly centered at Seraphic convent. The holistic development of the drivers family is the main goal of this forum.

Swanthana Theeram at Kadappuram

Since 2008 onwards Mammiyoor convent sisters, extended their selfless service to the seashore at Chavakkad for elevating the poor fisherman. In collaboration with the activities of Thrissur Diocese, through Palayoor shrine Rectors, the sisters are effectively participating in the development programme at Kadappuram. 'Save a family' project helps 12 house at Kadappuram area, to build up their life in the midst of natural calamities and the family problems irrespective of caste and religion. Along with this, as a part of Jubilee Education Social Service a free tuition and awareness programme for 10 students is implemented by appointing a teacher. Moreover, sisters make house visit there, listening them and giving advice in spiritual and moral affairs.


To fulfill the word of God, the sisters are ready to go to several prisons in Kerala to visit, the guilty persons and blameless ones in the jail. On account of their visits, the prisoners would prepare themselves for a better living. During this visit the sisters try to spend their time and health to be with jailors to prepare them to receive sacraments. In the special occasions of Christmas and Easter, the sisters would share their food with them, speak with them and make them happy. For the welfare of the acquitted prisoners, monitary help is also given to those serving in the prison ministry.

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