Our sisters act devotedly in the boys schools for orphan at Nairobi Diocese in Kenya, Africa which was started in 1997. The sisters prepare them to receive baptism and confirmation and at the evening time sisters would say rosary with them. On November 2011 Thrissur Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhath visited Starehe school and gave baptism and Holy communion to 60 persons. It is recorded in the golden letters in the history of the school. Sr. Clara the most beloved of Jesus, was called into heaven while she was working in Kenya.


The Kamuango house is established at our own land in 2003. There is a residential school and a dispensary in connection with this convent. While working in this poor area our sisters are witnessing to the word of God. Nearly 300 students are studying there and it is one of the best schools in this district. The dispensary is really a comfort to the people as there is no hospital facility at the place.'Mercy Care Project' which is working under the Chalice association in Canada, is a very good one. Our sisters extend their helping hands to these down trodden people. Our sisters care to prepare them for sacramental life.

Ikinu -Africa (terminated)

In 2009 August 15th a house is founded at Ikinu Kenya in the name of St. Alphonsa. Sr. Flower Daisy and Sr. Dhanya are doing their service at the dispensary. Our Sr. Tomsy are working in the parish school and leads them through the path of growth. There is a perpetual adoration centre in this convent. They are interested in the house visiting also.

Ruai St. alphonsa Formation House

 new convent started  at Kenya - Ruai St. alphonsa Formation House instead of Ikkinu. There is our Postulancy house. (TSR,  IJK& EKM - combined) 

Tinganga -Africa

Our sisters are working at this place with the mission spirit in "St. Joseph The Worker Primary Mixed School" (Nursery to std 8 ). The number of students are increasing in this school through the committed service of our sisters. This house is working as a temporary Novitiate house. Mission Houses In Germany & Italy


Our sisters are working at St. Herbert Old Age Home in Cologne Germany. They devote their life and doing services to 150 old people there. They are also helping in the services of Syro-Malabar Church at there.

Italy - Botricello (terminated)

There is an old age home at Italy Botricello. Our sisters are whole heartedly serving the the old persons.

ITALY  BARI (St. Alphonsa )

ITALY  BARI (St. Alphonsa ). There is an old aged home.

Terracina - Italy

Not far away from Rome, there is a place named Terracina, and an old age home is also running there with their corporation. The merciful face of God is visible to the inmates with the service of our sisters.

The Mission Houses  outside Kerala

1) Sacred Heart Convent Puduchery

The sacred Heart Convent Puducherry is founded at Chinnakalapet in 2000. The hostel in the convent started in 2001. One of sisters is doing her services at PIMS Hospital. Liturgical services, like Retreats and Prayer services are conducting there for the spiritual development of the local people.

2) Puduchery Santa Clara Convent

Santa Clara convent is really a witness among the non Christians. Santa Clara school is the main apostolic field of this convent. The presence and service of the sisters in this convent is worthwhile to this place. Sisters are travelling long distance to attend daily mass. Every Sunday sisters are attending Malayalam mass in the Syro -Malabar church and teaching catechism to students. They would involve in all the church activities at there.

Mizoram Mission

3)Darlawn Assisi Convent

Mizoram Mission is established among the mountains as a centenary memento of Thrissur Province on 26th July 2010 in the name of our father St. Francis. The first inmates of this convent are Sr. Asha Paul, Sr Daisy Arimpoor, and Sr. Janlit. There are numerous Christians in the place but the catholics are only 2 %.A school which is run by Salesian fathers in a shed, handed over to our Province and our sisters started their service there. A new building is constructed for the school and now it is changed into one of the best schools at this place. Moreover our sisters are active in the apostolic field through various activities like services in the church, special programme for the youth, house visiting and intercessory prayer.

4)St.Clare Convent ,Khawruhlian

In the month of October 2012 our province bought the land at Khawruhlian which is 30 km away from Darlawn.A temporary house is blessed there. The construction work of the school and convent are progressing.

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