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To be with marginalized is the important feature of FCC. Our founders are the inspiration to us who had given whole hearted response to the questions of Rt. Rev. Bishop Charles Lavinge. The model given by St. Francis, who embraced Jesus Christ who appears as a leper in front of him, is the source of social service activities of FCC. Sisters are ready to go into the midst of the suffering people with the power received from Blessed Sacrament. Here we give a small picture of F.C.C. Assisi Province, Thrissur


Children are the most exploited section in the society. We protect the homeless, needy and underprivileged children, irrespective of their caste, religion, race or social status and provide them with basic needs and education. We have 5 balabhavans in Thrissur Province. Brahmakulam,Engandiyoor,Perumpillissery,Venginissery and Mattom are the centers of Balabhavans. All together nearly 550 girls are getting education every year through these Balabhavans and 14 sisters are working among them.These balabhavans give a strong platform for the children to build up an integral personality. The children have been actively participating in the arts and sports competitions and stand along with their classmates. The economic support of these centres are from C.N.E.W.A. and Government. Besides these, Social Service Trust of Assisi Province -ASSSET-and contributions from the generous people are also a great help in the path of these centers. A small picnic is arranged every year for the mental relaxation of the children. The sisters in charge of these balabhavans are very much concentrating for the integral growth and development of these poor children. Each balabhavan has a counsellor in order to cope up with the different problems of the children.

Brahmakulam St.Joseph Balabhavan

Getting inspiration from Brahmakulam convent chaplain Rev. Fr. Paul Chittilappilly, the authorities decided to start an orphanage with St.Theresa's school, Brahmakulam. There was a possibility to get a grant from British Malabar government for charitable works. Rev. Fr. Jacob Aloor and Rev. Fr. Peter Aloor together bought a plot with an old house for the purpose of the balabhavan and gave it as a gift to the sisters. The house St. Joseph's Orphanage was blessed on 10th. October 1945 by Rev. Fr. Paul Chittilappilly Rev. Sr. Georgia was appointed as the first matron. At first there were only 7 girls and later it became a shelter for nearly 200 girls. There are three sisters as matrons and helping handsto help them in studies.

Engandiyoor Infant Jesus Orphanage

The sisters of Infant Jesus convent had a dream to improve the condition of the poor girls of that locality. To start an orphanage along with the convent to uplift the girls was that dream. When they got permission for that they started it in a temporary house. On March 14th 1962 along with the sacerdotal silver jubilee of Rev. Fr. Paul Chittilappilly the blessing of the orphanage was done. In the beginning there were only 10girls and now it became a shelter for nearly 50 girls.

Mattom Marymatha Orphanage

FCC sisters consider the protection of orphans as their privilege and they are always take initiative to do that. When we got permission from the church authorities, we started an orphanage at Mattom. Due to the economic reasons, we had no plan to construct a new building for that purpose. So we accommodated the first 20 inmates of Marymatha Orphanage in the convent building itself. It was in the year 1974. Later a new building was constructed with facilities and orphanage was transferred to that building. We have children of 5 to 10 years there.

Perumpillissery Lourde Nilaya

It was the responsibility of the FCC sisters to protect the orphans. So we started an orphanage at Perumbillissery on 2nd June 1973.It was really a blessing to that locality which is in a very poor economic condition. It was a place of backward people belonged to the Kanakka caste. It was very difficult for the parents to send their children due to the economic burden. We started the orphanage in the convent itself because we too were in economic depravity. Later a new building was constructed and the orphanage was shifted to it. At the beginning there were only 25 students and it is a place of shelter for girls. After completing their L.P. education at Perumbillissery St. Roch's school, they are going to Ammadam or Peringottukara Seraphic schools for their further studies.

Venginissery Angelo Bhavan

It was in the same year of 1973 itself, an orphanage was started at Venginissery in the name as Angelo Bhavan. In the beginning there were only 25 girls. The house was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam and now 50 students are studying there.


1. Brahmakulam St. Joseph's 1945
2. Engandiyur Infant Jesus 1962
3. Mattom Mary Matha 1974
4. Perumpillissery Lourde Nilayam 1973
5. Venginissery Angelo Bhavan 1973


1. Assisi Nilayam, Marathakkara 

In the compound of Marathakkara Bl.Sac.Convent we have an old age home. We prefer our A group kitchen maids who are unable to work due to old age. Here they are living together and do trifle services like curry cutting. They spend their time in the presence of Bl.Sacrement and Assisi Nilayam is a power house of Thrissur province through their intercession. Two sisters are there with them for their help.

2. Providence Home, Marathakkara

Providence home is a place for the aged mothers who are bedridden and those who have no care in their own home. We are giving special care to these people who are in a very pathetic condition both in mind and body. The service of a nurse is available there always and our sisters are working hard there and give them good care and protection.


1) Victory Centre-Guruvayoor

Victory Centre started in the year 1974 in order to make the differently abled children, self sufficient and to make them independent and confident .Victory Centre is giving one year traing in tailoring, book binding, embroidery, computer education etc. Mon.Rolf Linse from Germany is a generous benefactor of this centre and he makes timely visit to these centres. In collaboration with Govt. Poly Technic, Thriprayar, different certificate courses are arranging here. With the help of Lilian Fonds from Netherland tailoring machines are distributed to these girls after completing their 1 year course. The inmates of Victory Centre secure many prizes in different competitions held by Lion's Club and Deaf Council.

2) Christu Jyothi Social Centre-Adupputty

Nothing is fruitless in this cosmos. To advocate and empower the differently abled persons after their training in different fields, FCC sisters of Assisi Province founded a social centre at Adupptty in 1997. Girls are residing here at Christu Jyothi Social Centre and mainly through tailoring they earn their livelihood. Getting orders from schools and shops they are stitching different kinds of cloths and make profit from their business and it will be deposited for their future. These girls will get training in house management, cooking through this experience from this centre.

3) Lilly Bhavan -Padavarad

By making and selling, flowers and decorating materials, the poor women at that locality collect money to improve life situations. It is running with the support from the social service society at Thrissur Archdiocese. Through the committed activities of Sr. Alanso, the women in this slum area have become matured and cultured. The income from this institutions is mainly using to uplift the inmates of the institution.

4 ) Assisi Social Centre-Guruvayoor

This unit is started in 1978 under the leadership of Lisieux convent to give job opportunities to women from low income families by teaching teaching them binding and composing. Our press is the main branch of social centre. A good number of persons got training from here and they are working now in various offset printing presses. At present, the printing works of our province, schools, colleges and hospitals are done here. Now Sr. Margaret is giving guidance to 5 sisters, 4 girls and 2 male staff who are working here devotedly. They are spreading the word of God by their selfless service.


It is an urgent need of the present time to give a better shelter for the infants of helpless mothers who are doing hard work to nurture the family during the day time. Creche centers have started at Nellikkunnu, Pazhuvil, and Perinchery. It is worthwhile to imprint the name of Jesus in the little heart of infants. These small flowers in Jesus' garden realize the importance of sharing and helping mind. No one can reject the importance of creches in our apostolic field.

1. Nellikunnu Sneha Sadhan 1975
2. Pazhuvil Medona Balabhavan 1975
3. Perinchery Christ King 1970


To proclaim Christ and to spread the gospel according to the need of the period, our province has stepped into new avenue and founded ASSSET (Assisi Social Service and Social Empowering Trust) on April 1st 2009 as a registered unit. The main functions of this Trust are controlled by seven members Trust board in which Sister Provincial is the Director of the board and Social service Councillor is the chair person of the Trust. The Provincial Council would appoint two members as secretary and treasurer. More over three members from local social service promoters should be selected to this board. The total LSS fund 25% is thus divided as 16% and 9%. By this, 16% is gathered at province level through ASSSET and 9% would be given to LSS fund in their own convents. Through ASSSET, this money is utilized for the benefit of poor and needy.

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