Evangelization and Faith Formation

Evangelization and Faith Formation is the foremost important ministry of Assisi province.Through various means we are trying for that.



To impart Christ among little children and to deepen their faith, our sisters are empowered to give leadership to various pious associations like Christeen, Holy childhood and KCSL. During summer vacations different parishes will conduct Christeen retreats and our sisters will take part in it to light the lamp of faith in their hearts.

Holy Childhood is a pious association in Thrissur Archdiocese and little children from the age of 4 to 10 are the members of it. All our parishes and L. P. Schools have a unit of Holy Childhood. By this we get a golden chance to imprint the life of Jesus in these little hearts. Various competitions and camps are held under the leadership of Archdiocese and little children participate in it with great enthusiasm.


According to the general and provincial synaxis decision, to proclaim the good news in our various apostolic field such as schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and parishes a team is assigned in our province to conduct, the gospel based retreat which is named as "vachanamrutham".

Two teams, with seven members in each group, are trained and appointed in our province. Preaching, video clippings, adoration, music,intersession and other new methods are used in this retreat to make it more lively.Counselling session is an important factor in this ministry.The first retreat is started from 25th to 27 August 2005.The students stayed in their own institution to attend the retreat.Our province has completed 10 years of evangelization in this apostolic field successfully.

KERALA CATHOLIC STUDENTS LEAGUE (KCSL) is a State organization which is mainly centred in schools.Catholic students from 5th to plus two classes are the members of KCSL. The main aim of this organization is to give faith formation and to improve the leadership qualities of the children. A genuine interest in this league will help the children to lead a faithful life in God. Our students of different schools are participating in various programmes like seminars, study classes, and leadership courses both in diocesan level and State level.Many competitions are held under the leadership of KCSL in which our students are participating and our L.F. School and St. Clare's School bagged the best unit trophy in Thrissur Diocese.


By the decision of General synaxis, Alphonsa Garden is started in all our schools to spread St. Alphonsa's spirituality among school children. On4th Sep.2010, this organization was inaugurated in our province. Every year, Alphonsa Garden students would gather in province level and different competitions like quiz, essay writing etc. would be conducted for them and prizes are awarded. Alphonsa garden meet is conducted every year in General level and our students used to participate in it.


As an association, LITTLE PLANTS was conceived as a platform for cementing the life values of St.Clare.By accepting the inspiration of St. Clare, the members are doing intercessory prayer during free time. The students would collect rice, notebooks and other necessary things and distribute among the poor students.


Jesus Youth, C.L.C, KCYM, Legion of Mary, YOU LAMP

To give proper training to the youth and to lead them through the right path our sisters are acting as animators to Jesus youth,C.L.C, KCYM and Legion of Mary. They meet regularly for prayer and involve in various love-generating activities. Once in a month, Night vigil is conducting some places under the leadership of Jesus Youth and students are actively participating it. Sisters encourage them to lead a sacramental life and give proper guidance to them.

YOU LAMP is a new venture among the youth, which is inaugurated in the year 2013-14 in schools and colleges.It is specially designed to give guidance to the outgoing students. After leaving the schools and colleges In order to continue the connection with almamater, our province has specially designed this programme.We divided the catholic students into small groups of three and five and one sister will be the animator and she will contact with the students regularly and give them constant prayer support.


The flowers of prayer are blooming each and every second from our Province. The devoted and prayerful sisters raise their hearts and mind to God our father from different convents like Assisi Provincial House, Marathakkara Bl. Sacrament Convent (perpetual adoration convents),Vendore Mercy Prayer Center, and Poovanchira Charisma. Following the footprints of St. Clare our sisters are doing intercessory prayers for whole world, by sitting in front of the solemn exposition of host in the monstrance. The whole day adoration is possible in our four convents. In Assisi Provincial house, daily two sisters would come from different convents and say intercessory prayers for the whole province. We have a provincial level core group which will gather all the first Fridays and pray for the whole world. There are batchwise gathering of our sisters on Friday evenings and pray together from 9 pm to 5 am.

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