St. Mary's F. C Convent, Vendoor

Place : Vendoor
Address: Vendore Po Alagappanagar Thrissur (Dt)
Pin: 680302
Phone: 0480 2751484

                 The parishnors of  Vendore ardently desired the presence of FCC sisters  and requested to Provincial Superior. Provincial council granted it and bought a house near the parish church, raised to a convent on 28th May 1987 by Mar Joseph Kundukulam. By the plead from parishoners, the convent is named as 'St. Marys'.

                 To inculcate true faith in God and to lay the foundation in moral values in the tender heart of little children, our superiors started a nursery class attached to the convent in 1st January 1987. To uplift the poor women financially, there started a tailoring centre. The convent strives to achieve its goal through various apostolic activities like involvement in the church organization, catechism, home visits, funeral service etc. By prayer and social activities sisters make themselves visible to their surroundings.

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