Mary Immaculate F. C Convent, Thrissur

Place : Thrissur
Address: Thrissur P. O & Dest
Pin: 680005
Phone: 0487 23332023

                        The reason for the origin of Thrissur M.I. F.C Convent, is the constant faith in divine providence and the dreams of development of Rev. Fr. Antony Kavungal  and Mother Clara and Mother Louisa. It is the first branch house of Assisi Province. It was in the year 1919 a Clarist convent was canonically inaugurated at Thrissur, but from June 1917 onwards sisters started to stay there for educational purposes.

The Educated sisters are necessary in the field of education. Realising this fact, FCC superiors decided to start a study house. When Kochi Maharaja  declared an order for the free education to religious people, FCC sisters rented a house of Thazhath Velukkuttan at Chembukavu and started to live there since 1917 june 14th onwards with the consent of Rt. Rev. John Menachery .On 25th  August 1923  sisters bought a house with some property at Chembukavu and started to live there.

                 Considering the needs of the poor, the authorities wished to start a primary school at this place. During the same time, Rev. Fr. John Pullokkaran came back from England after his higher studies. Moulding a cultured new generation was a dream sprouted into his mind. When the efforts and prayers of both Rev. Fr. John and FCC sisters joined together in 1923 a primary school with first and second classes started.

                        Later in the midst of severe economic difficulty, with the help of  Rev. Fr. John Pullokkaran, a new house was constructed  and on 1st  May 1947, Mar George Alappatt Bishop of Thrissur blessed and consecrated the new house in the patronship of Mother Mary Immaculate.

               The primary school started in 1923was developed into a high school in the year 1957. When the Kerala Government decided to take a new step in education, St. Clare's plus two school was inaugurated in 1998.  Along with the educational activities sisters are actively participating in the pastoral ministries of parish and diocese. 

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