Assisi F. C. Convent, Thrissur

Place : Thrissur
Address: Thrissur P. O
Pin: 680005
Phone: o4872333342

Assisi F C convent took its origin from ancestral home M I convent. It was the first branch of FCC at Trichur. While probing the history of Assisi, one can understand that it is started as hostel to provide better hostel facilities to the students. To provide them a secure shelter our sisters decided to rent a building in the south part of M.I convent. This building was actually belong to Trichur Diocese and was known as Bungalow, which was the catholic father's sanitorium. On 1st October 1948 Rev. Bishop Mar George Alappat blessed this house and named it Assisi House.

               The sisters had to face serious financial problem to run the hostel. As a solution they decided to start a bakery. On 9th June 1952 the bakery was blessed.Bakeries were very rare at that period and this one was really a blessing to the common people.

               In 1958 Assisi House was raised as an Ashram. On13th  March 1971, FCC sisters owned this house and also the nearest places. Assisi House is officially approved as Assisi convent on 10th March 1972. Then Assisi Provincial House is transferred from MI convent .Sisters gave tender love and care to the hostel girls. Even now confession, retreat, classes are conducting to the hostel students. Assisi hostel is extended to a nearest building and named as Laverna hostel. Assisi social centre was a new venture in the field of social work. Tailoring and type writing classes were started to enable them to build up a safe and secure family in the society. Tutorial classes, consultant courses and tution classes were started in social centre.

               The Homoeo clinic at Assisi was a another new venture. Medicine and treatment were given freely to numerous poor and needy persons. In addition to treatment, our sisters take initiation to solve their family problems and help them to eradicate their physical, mental and spiritual strain.

               From the very beginning itself, our sisters actively involved in various activities of diocese and parish. They would decorate Bishop House chapel, gardening etc. Sisters do services in different fields like book stall, save a family, housing board, DBCLC, Notary and catechism.

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