Christu Jyothy F. C Convent, Aduputty

Place : Aduputty
Established Year: 1986
Address: Aduputty Kunnamkulam P. O Thrissur (Dt)
Pin: 680611
Phone: 0488 5225752

                     Receiving an invitation from C.M.I. fathers of kunnamkulam, F.C.C. sisters of Thrissur Assisi Province started  their convent at Chowannoor parish. On March 4th  1987 the Monastery Prior Rev. Fr. Dhiyago and Rev. Fr. Jose Kallivalappil blessed the small building for social centre and sisters started to stay there. When the construction of the building and chapel was over, on 16th July 1988 Rev. Dr. Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Thrissur Diocese, inaugurated Christu Jyothi Social Centre  .

In order to save families, the women hands should be empowered. Thus the sisters promoted different kinds of social service activities such as training in tailoring, book binding, rosary making, star making and beads work for the women folk at Adupputty. With the help of women, sisters started (Self-help group) and tried to make them self sufficient. Different groups are doing various activities like gas distribution, umbrella making etc with the help of aids and subsidiaries distributed by governmental and nongovernmental organizations .This helped to improve the economic condition of the women and they started to invest money for their family and future. In the year 1994, a social centre for differently abled girls was started and through this centre many disabled girls got training in tailoring and made their life more independent. They have given accommodation in the social centre and they are earning by themselves now.We have a homoeo clinic too at Adupputty since 1998 onwards and our sisters give them the healing touch of Jesus, the Supreme Healer.

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